Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. What is your cleaning style like?
Um, I guess you could call it "disaster recovery" in most cases. I have yet to get a regular system of cleaning (I sorely need to) so I just react to the messes around me.

2. What is your favorite thing to add to an outfit to take it from casual to classy?
Jewelry. I add my nicest earrings and a nice necklace.

3. Do you like stormy weather?
I like rainy weather when I'm warm and inside my home and I can curl up with a good book. I HATE being out in the rain and I'm not a big fan of thunder in general.

4. What is your favorite cold treat on a hot day?
Either a Coke, some lemonade or an ice cream cone.

5. What is your favorite warm treat on a cold day?
A warm baked good or a caramel latte from Starbucks. I especially like when my husband makes his apple blob for a warm dessert.

6. Who is your favorite animated character?
Belle from Beauty and the Beast

7. What do you keep your jewelry in?
About half a dozen small jewelry boxes. I need help.

8. Do any of the rooms in your house have a theme?
The nursery is Disney/Pooh themed. There is a painted mural of Pooh's "tree house" in the corner. Fuss's room is garden themed, complete with larger-than-life flowers and butterflies.

9. Do you watch any interior design TV shows – if so, what is your favorite?
I LOVE Divine Design and a couple of others, but rarely have time to watch them.

10. When was the last time you did something risk-taking?
Does January where I drove by myself with my kids into uncertain weather conditions to go help my sister postpartum count? That was certainly risk-taking for me.

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