Monday, March 21, 2011


We seem to have made it through the plague and I am grateful to be done with it. We're all still coughing occasionally and still on antibiotics, but we are living, breathing and mostly better all around.

My mom offered to take Fuss for a few hours (which ended up being most of the day) yesterday, and while she didn't put her down for her nap until 4, and didn't get her up until I suggested she do so at nearly 7, they had a lot of fun and Daddy Fuss and I got some downtime. Well, at least down time from Fuss, as we still had Little Man with us. But he's more portable, quieter, and he sleeps a lot. We went to a small gun show, which was interesting, but sort of fruitless. And we took my iPod which pretty much hasn't worked properly since the day after I got it to the Apple Store. I got a call a couple of hours after we left it there that they were going to replace it at no charge and I needed to pick it up within 2 weeks. (I don't know what will happen if I DON'T pick it up within 2 weeks, but that's what they said.) Since it's on the other side of the bridge, I'll have to make a special trip over... but that's okay. I can handle it. I think.

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