Friday, March 4, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. I'm hitting the road this morning for my trip to GA for the memorial service for Mom F.

2. Have I mentioned that I hate the idea/fact that I'm leaving my husband? I don't like being away from him.

3. I also have to make sure that I don't eat much -if any - MSG while I'm on the road because of my sensitivities to such. And fast food is LOADED with MSG. After my bad experience coming home after eating something I didn't realize had MSG in it, I plan to be even more careful this time (and also pack a change of clothes, just in case). But that pretty much means I can eat french fries on the road and not much else. Oh boy.

4. I need to make an appointment to get Little Man's 6 months pictures taken. I prefer going to our friend's studio to get pictures done, because they turn out just as good if not better and they are cheaper (because he usually gives them to us at cost or just above cost), but he's not really equipped to handle babies, and it has taken us 6 months to get the prints from the pictures we had done when Fuss was 2 1/2, so I'm thinking JCPenney, it is. They did a nice job when Fuss was 6 months old, it just was so darn expensive.

5. On that note, I also want some 3 year old pictures done of Fuss, but I might have my husband set up a "studio" in our living room and just take some formal shots himself and send them away to be printed professionally. I guess we'll just see how it goes when Little Man gets his done at JCP.

6. We were listening to music on my husband's Droid last night via Pandora radio's Glee station. It was sort of like listening to my iPod. Wow, I'm predicable. And I have the music taste of a 15-year-old high school choir girl.

7. But I'm starting to look OLD. ('You'd better get married soon. You starting to look old.") Wow, when I catch an unexpected glimpse of myself in the mirror lately - especially when I haven't bothered with make-up for the day (what is WRONG with me? I used to be better about make-up than I was about taking a shower...) I am really starting to look like an old woman. I don't mean I'm turning grey (thanks, redhead genes) or getting wrinkles (although, do the bags under my eyes count for that?) but I'm really starting to look less "college student" and more "mid-aged frump woman." Ugh.

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