Monday, March 28, 2011

What a weekend.


I am so tired. It was a rough weekend - both busy and lack of sleep and very little down time. Saturday I attended a baby shower for my friend Kathy and her soon-to-be 2nd little girl. It was fun, but because of the volleyball tournament that Daddy Fuss and Fuss attended (to shoot pictures) we pretty much spent the whole day apart. I also ended up with a horrible headache and some tummy trouble.

Daddy Fuss and I had some stresses and such to deal with this weekend too, but I think things ended up being all worked out.

This morning I watched part of last night's episode of Army Wives. I had watched Army Wives when it first started, when we had a DVR, but when we gave that up to cut costs, I wasn't able to keep following the show. The episode last night dealt with one of the main characters losing her son who was deployed overseas. I sat down to nurse Little Man and I flipped on the TV, not knowing what to expect and cried my way through the episode. I can only imagine the pain of losing a child that you watched grow up, etc. But holding my baby boy in my arms... well, it was a lot of emotion to deal with.

Fuss was supposed to join her aunt J for strawberry picking today, but the weather is yucky so so such luck.

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  1. I don't watch that show, but my sister-in-law IS an army wife and loves the show. She posted on FB that she definitely shouldn't have watched that episode.