Monday, December 27, 2010

The Haul

I had a pretty wonderful Christmas. My husband and family spoiled me, I spoiled my husband, everybody spoiled the kids and with very few minor incident exceptions Fuss was incredibly well-behaved and she had SO much fun playing with her new toys and entertaining everyone. The Little Man was adorable and cuddly and he loved all the attention and was more than willing to snuggle with every aunt or grandparent who wanted a few moments of snuggle time.

Fuss got a play kitchen from "Santa" and her stocking. (I now know why there was such a good price on the kitchen - we were up until 1am putting it together on Christmas Eve. You had to put apart every individual tiny piece, and it seemed to take forever.) Our plan on the Santa-front is the gifts in her stocking are from Santa and a big gift (yet to be determined if it will happen every year or not) will also be from Santa, but all the rest are from us. You can find the more specified list here. Her Aunt LP got her a soccer ball (she LOVES balls and her local aunts are slowly getting her a set of all the major sports balls - she has a volleyball, a softball, now a soccer ball - can you tell my in-laws love sports?) and she got clothes and such (about the only gifts that didn't get a ton of attention were the clothes. I remember thinking clothes were a boring gift when I was a kid, so I wasn't surprised or disappointed by her reactions.) and my psuedo-step-mom got her a dress that she loved (and so did I!) and her aunts and Grandma got her some nice clothes, too. She is going to be one well-dressed kid! My dad (Grandpa) got her a foam puzzle mat with all the letters and numbers on it to put in her room. It's great fun.

The Little Man got a bunch of clothes from the relatives, too. He got the stacking blocks, a stuffed Eeyore from our Disney trip, those colored rings that will help attach things/can be made into a chain, a hanging owl and from my mom, he got 3 envelopes containing money for outfits as the spring clothes start to come out, since she wanted to get him stuff he'd fit into in the future. My SIL found these neat blocks for him - they move and have different things on the sides that can be manipulated in different ways. Fuss is loving them, and I know he will, too when he's a little older and can really play with them. He also got a set of sensory balls from my dad.

My mom also got them some books, including the Belly Button Book by Sandra Boynton.

I got a new iPod nano from my husband, a bunch of movies I wanted and a book. I also got Shape-ups shoes which I've been wanting for awhile. (I can't find a picture on the internet of the ones I got - they are much nicer than the plain, funky-looking ones that came out originally.) "The kids" got me a great package that included a fluffy, luxurious towel, a bath pillow (one of those waterproof ones that attaches to the back of the tub to make you more comfy when you're taking a relaxing bath) and a candle and lotions and bath stuff to help with said relaxation. It was an excellent gift to mommy from the kids. I also got a couple of sweaters from my mom, the book Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, the sweaters I picked out for myself from my dad, as well as some PJs. My sisters-in-law got us a framed picture of Fuss at the Busch Gardens Sesame Street section (she's being hugged by Grover!) as well as a Chris Tomlin CD and a Publix giftcard (our local grocery store). My stocking was overflowing - I got a new curling iron, a hand mixer and the Wicked soundtrack. I'm psyched. I also got a very-much-needed new razor (Venus Embrace) and some shower gel, etc.

My husband got a new laptop, Burn Notice Season 3, several programming guides he wanted, some new shirts and will get the movie Facing the Giants when my "guaranteed-by-Christmas" package arrives (hopefully today). He also got some labels for his wine, and a springform pan since he's been wanting to try his hand at making a cheesecake.

My mom gave us a check to buy the art of our choice to hang over the bed in our room.

My only frustration is that my MIL is a flake. On Christmas Day she "didn't have time to wrap" so she didn't bring over the presents for the kids. When she was here the next day, for another family gathering, she was going to give Fuss Candyland (isn't she still too young for Candyland? It's a cute idea, but...) and my husband asked her about the play food that she told me she was going to get her to add to her kitchen (this kitchen didn't come with food, unfortunately. She has been baking her Princess figures for 2 days now) and she said, " well, LP said she would get her some for her birthday" (in February). So my husband said, "didn't you buy her some?" (since she told me the other day that she had) and she said, "well, yeah, but I thought she could play with the kitchen for awhile and then when the newness wore off - boom! she'd have a new accessory for it!" My husband pointed out that she was baking princesses in lieu of food... so she agreed to give her the food "now" instead. Of course, she didn't have it WITH her, so... I have no idea when said play food will actually come. If I had known she was going to be like this, I would have bought it myself. I don't care about myself or whatever. Even the Little Man doesn't have a clue at this age, so it really doesn't matter. But I am incredibly frustrated that this somewhat needed accessory that she told me she was going to get for Fuss wasn't there for Christmas.
She is turning into her mother. Gma used to (routinely) "not have time to shop" (she had no life, I never understood this) and would have to get the presents for her grandchildren later (thus resulting in my husband rarely ever getting a Christmas gift from his grandmother.) I never understood this. It's not like Christmas can sneak up on a person, you know?

Overall, we had a very blessed Christmas. I loved setting to spend time with our families, the food my husband made (and everyone else, too) was wonderful. He tried a standing rib roast and crab au gratin for entrees instead of the traditional turkey. It was excellent. And we got rave reviews from the family, so we may do something similar in the future.

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