Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 27 - speedy-like

No time for an in-depth post, but as I'm getting closer to the end of the challenge, I want to get this out here...

Tuesday, I went to work for my dad and since it's cold out and there is no heat except for what steam is generated by the machines, I had to make sure to dress warmly, but so that I could still nurse easily.

Khaki pants (origins unknown - at least 3 years old, probably longer), green long-sleeved t-shirt (Loft), and blue corduroy blazer (Cold Water Creek), brown shoes (Penney's - several years ago).

I never would have paired this blazer with this shirt if it weren't for 30 for 30 (though to be honest, I might have just thrown an old performance fleece over the whole thing if it weren't for 30 for 30, so my dad should be thankful to Kendi for my improved appearance.) I don't know why, but I try not to put that many solid colors in the same/similar saturation together. It's not even really a conscious thing (I had to rack my brain for why I don't do that). I also added my green and silver long necklace that I love so much (notice how I've gone from calling it my mom's necklace to mine - subtle, don't you think?)

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