Monday, December 6, 2010

back to work (day 24, 25, 26)

Whose idea was THIS?

My dad lost 2 employees with no notice and was already short handed and somehow my offer of help became a regular gig. I am stressed and really, really unhappy. I worked on Friday, and while I am happy to help him and having a little extra cash, especially at Christmas time, is awfully nice, I am just... I don't want to do this.

It is HARD with two kids. I'm dealing with an active toddler and an infant who eats every 2 hours, pretty consistently. I'm also still dealing with spotty sleep, as Little Man can't decide if he truly is one of those kids who can sleep through the night or not. (He'll do it for a day - maybe 2, but then we have an awful night again where he wakes up after 4 hours and wants to eat again, 2 hours later after that, too!)

I just don't want to do it any more. I don't like this job. I really never have. And my dad brought it on himself by not thinking before he speaks to his employees and saying something insulting. But if I don't help out, he's sort of screwed.

What I've told him is that I will do it until the kids can't anymore. I don't imagine that it's going to go over well with Fuss. And I have way too much to do before Christmas to do this every week, 5 days a week. He is going to have to find someone, and FAST.

Friday, I was having trouble putting together an outfit. I had nothing clean! I had dropped my dry cleaning off the night before to my dad, which was how I got roped into helping him out that day. I managed to put together a cute outfit, with shoes I later regretted. I wore my jeans, my black v-neck Tee and my blue blazer. I paired it with simple jewelry because I thought I'd be lifting clothes for at least part of the day (I did) and my boots because I had no idea I'd be on my feet for 4.5 hours straight (I was. The shoes were a mistake).

Saturday I wore my khakis because I was in the mood for something different and my cream t-shirt with my brown argyle cardigan. I wore my cross necklace and no earrings because I was going for simple and couldn't come up with anything interesting.

Sunday, we finally made it back to church after several weeks off. The kids have been sick and Daddy Fuss and I have been suffering from ennui, so we've skipped more than I usually like to. I finally got to break out my black dress (Walmart) and got to wear my pearls. I paired them with my diamond and gold and silver hoop earrings, my black heels and I added a cream colored cardigan for warmth. (By midday when I was able to take the picture, it was warm enough to take off the sweater.) I changed later, but kept on the pearls and noted later in the day that "pearls make everything more elegant." It's true, you know, they really do.

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  1. That sounds awful! I hope your dad hires more people soon!