Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Etsy Giving

I LOVE Etsy. I shop their all the time. And by that, I mean I window shop because before this holiday season, I had only ever looked, not bought. There are some seriously creative and talented people out there. And I love stimulating the economy of individuals rather than the box stores (though you all know I LOVE me some Target.)

But this Christmas, I took the plunge and shopped on Etsy.

I actually bought this for my mom's birthday, which is less than 2 weeks after Christmas. She won't admit it, but it's a big birthday this year. It's from Artisan Handcrafted and it's real leaf jewelry. My mom is a nature nut and loves artsy jewelry, so when I found this, it was a no-brainer... except for which piece to buy. I have already received it and it is beautiful in person.

This is mom's Christmas present. (Though, I'm considering switching the two. I go back and forth.) It's from PixieDust and again, with the nature theme (mostly, my mom is easy for me.) and they have beautiful items from birds and trees to flowers, plus they offer Free Shipping! Again, in person, it is gorgeous!

I got some gorgeous labels from PoshGirl Boutique for my step-dad's wine bottles. (I may have also ordered some address labels for me and something for my husband, but I'll never tell.) The labels were custom made, so I can't show you, but suffice it to say that Traci was wonderful and helpful when I had questions and comments. She also makes fabulous note cards and business cards. (which I really want some calling cards for myself, but I'm resisting until after Christmas, at least.) The labels turned out beautifully! I am so excited to give them to my step-dad!

I considered ordering a few things for my psuedo-step-mom (like this) and also for myself (like this) since I'm doing my dad's Christmas shopping for him. But I'm holding off for now. (While both she and I would love these things, I need something immediately for her, since her birthday is 5 days before Christmas and I have everything else mail-ordered and I need to guarantee her a birthday present for her birthday. Also, it's not really my dad's style to buy artsy stuff, and I want these things to appear to be from him.)

I am also madly in love with these wine charms, which I am trying to convince my husband to let me buy for our New Year's gathering. (We're having a small low-key gathering of friends, cocktails, snacks and movies.)

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