Friday, December 24, 2010

7 Quick Takes: Christmas Eve Edition

1. At 2 am I was lying in my bed attempting to get comfortable from the ache in my neck that was making my head pound (again) when I heard the baby start to stir. He was quite congested, poor little guy! He was having trouble breathing while lying down, so I fed him to calm him down and then tried putting him in the bouncy seat (sitting up) next to the vapor-plug to help him breathe more easily. That didn't last long, so by 3, my husband got up and took him into the living room where they both slept in the recliner. Wednesday, Fuss started in with the sniffles (I guess it was Tuesday night, really) and my husband came home from work on Wednesday with the same. I guess it was inevitable.

2. Thursday night some local workers busted through a 4-foot water main that caused little to no water for half the county for the evening/night. I was thankful that almost all of my laundry was done (and none of the stuff that wasn't was needed for the holiday!) but Little Man was supposed to get a bath and he couldn't.

3. I am even more grateful that we have water today. We're under a boil order (boil any water from the tap that you are going to consume) for the next few days, which is inconvenient, but manageable. But we were able to get showers this morning and the baby is now clean and I can do my dishes (which was the highest thing on the priorities for Christmas prep)! I am grateful to the workers and plumbers who worked through the night to get service back as quickly as possible. I am praying for the people in the immediate area of the break that still don't have water.

4. We were able to put two sizable checks in the bank yesterday thanks to the generosity of my Gramma and a payment coming through from one of my husband's freelance clients. I have no idea what to do with the money from Gramma - part of me wants to spend it on clothes and have some fun, but part of me wants to use it towards something more significant.

5. My shopping is done (and then some. Sometimes I think I have a shopping addiction at Christmas. I keep finding little things that I want to get, but that weren't on my original list or radar) and my own wrapping is done. We are hoping to put together Fuss's play kitchen while she naps today so that it is ready to put under the tree once we get her to bed tonight after we come home from my dad's house.

6. We are going to my dad's house for Christmas Eve dinner, as is our tradition. The year my parents split up, I began the tradition of hanging out with my dad on Christmas Eve (and when he was single, I spent the night at his apartment and we went to breakfast Christmas morning, then I'd go home to my mom and have our bigger family celebration that afternoon.) When he moved in with his girlfriend years ago, I would spend the evening with them and go home at the end of the night (at the time, often coinciding with C's exit to midnight mass) and then they began including Daddy Fuss and now it's such a thing that Fuss (and now Little Man) get to open their presents from Grandpa on Christmas Eve, even though both my dad and C come to Christmas dinner at my house on Christmas Day. I think my mom is jealous, but this year, we made the concession that she and my step-dad are coming late Christmas morning and enjoying brunch with us and a private gift-opening session with the kids. This is, in part, due to the fact that my mom went a little nuts with presents for Fuss this year and I don't want my MIL to be intimidated.

7. If I can get the house cleaned up, I am really going to enjoy this Christmas. I love the way Fuss's eyes light up when she gets excited and I know that some of her gifts are going to be big hits this year!

There are no Quick Takes at Conversion Diary this week, but I thought I'd do them anyhow.

Merry Christmas to all! I hope that we can all remember the Reason for the Season and spend time with our loved ones!

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  1. Merry Christmas! I completely forgot that it was Friday ... haha!