Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 30 - Tah Dah!

Wow. 30 days. I did okay, mostly. This last week has been hard because of the weather and also: I went back to work for my dad this week (to help him out, not because I was planning to) and there are certain things that are/aren't encouraged around there for various reasons. But anyhow.

My final outfit is:
Jeans (of course!), my tan long-sleeved v-neck (NY and Co - circa 2005?), my long blue sweater/vest (Dress Barn 2010), brown shoes. My dad even said I looked nice when I went in today. (Now that I mention it, it's the first time all week I've worn full make-up. Maybe that was what he was commenting on?)

I struggled the last couple of days. The "what do I wear that I haven't worn already?" dilemma. (Again, coupled with the cold snap we are currently dealing with - seriously, since I started this last month, our weather has dipped from highs in the mid-80s to lows in the low 40s. I have worn shorts and tank tops and now I'm having to resort to breaking out my winter coat! (or at least one of them. For a FL girl, I have a surprising selection of coats. And I keep seeing these really cute coats and thinking "ooh, I'd like to have that!" but then realizing that I really don't need it.) And Monday night we're going to have a chance for a freeze!) But then again, I shouldn't be surprised! This is Florida weather at it's finest - you never can tell what it will do!

I'd like to take this moment to mourn the passing of one of my favorite sweaters. It wasn't in my 30, so you never got to see it, but I loved it. It was a great color on me (sort of a 'blackberry" color - I got it last year from Loft - on clearance - when I was going through my "obsessed with the color blackberry phase") and when my new AC unit leaked in my closet a couple of weeks ago, something dripped on it that pulled color from a spot right in the middle. So I have this quarter-sized hot pink spot right around where my breast is and there is just nothing I can do about it. I am seriously bummed. I am also bummed that I only got to wear it once this season before I started 30 for 30 and now it is gone forever. Sad sigh.

There will be a separate post on what I've learned from doing 30 for 30. It was a good experience. It taught me a lot, got me out of some of my ruts, reminded me that I feel better about myself when I put some effort into my appearance.

Also, going back to work this week seems to have had a positive effect on my waistline, so I'll need to buy some new jeans soon (hopefully this week! when I get my paycheck!) and I'm very glad I didn't drop a size at the beginning of 30 for 30 or I would have been in a boat-load of trouble!

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