Thursday, August 26, 2010

38 Weeks - Why this Thursday Sucks

The internet has been spotty at best for the last 24 hours. I even spent 20 minutes on the phone this morning getting it reset and losing it again an hour later...

This morning my gag reflex kicked in again. Smells were driving me crazy. I had to stop 3 times while trying to empty the diaper pail (and actually threw up once during that time - made it to the bathroom, thank goodness). The smell of the texturizing stuff in the new room was getting to me, too and I had to go in and out of there to do the laundry.

I did a ton of laundry, but was trying to fold it while sitting on my bed and watching TV that wasn't geared toward preschoolers instead of in my living room. It was murder on my already swollen feet/toes. I did however, get a lot done!

On my way to the tile store to pick up the tile for the new room, my van overheated and I was stuck in an area that had no place to pull over or place like a gas station that would make sense to stop at (or hardly any parking lots at all). When I got ahold of my husband, I made a wrong turn and ended up missing the turn off for the gas station he suggested. I ended up in the parking lot of the local shooting range. Fuss and I had to wait in the heat for nearly 30 minutes for my husband to reach us with some coolant to refill the resevoir. It worked, thank goodness, but it was kind of rough.

I started having some painful contractions on the way to the tile store. I didn't think anything of it at the time, because Fuss was driving me crazy. My head started to ache and my belly hurt, so I was much more focused on that.

The 3 of us went into the tile store where Fuss absolutely would not listen, but we were able to get what we needed anyhow. But it was heavy, so I couldn't help, of course, and then Fuss threw a tantrum when I wouldn't swing her around as we were leaving. It was difficult to load it all into my van, so we had to put some in my husbands car and he was sweating like crazy by the time he was done. I was still not feeling well and Fuss was cranky and hungry. By that time, Daddy Fuss's lunch break was over, so he had to go back to the office and couldn't join us for lunch.

I started having more painful contractions as I was looking for a Taco Bell for lunch. The food was good, but I kept spilling it while I was trying to eat in the car. It ended up all over my shirt, of course. I then noticed that I was having hard contractions every 10 minutes. Still driving, still more than 20 minutes from home. I was trying to breathe through the contractions on my own and calm Fuss down (she wanted my food after she had eaten all of her own).

I had 2 more contractions once we got home, and I set Fuss up in front of a video. My head began to hurt even more, which was less fun. And the internet was down AGAIN. But eventually, the contractions stopped/slowed, so that was good.

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  1. I assume your sense of smell is hightened, too? Did that go away for you after you had Fuss? Mine never did. Every night when I walk into my bedroom, the smell of hubby's stinky workout clothes makes me gag. (I've asked him many times to leave them in the laundry room, but he can't seem to remember and I come across as an endless nagger). Now that Meg threw up all over the house, I rarely stop gagging.