Sunday, August 15, 2010


Oh my goodness, my hands and feet are swollen. My fingers feel tight, my feet feel heavy and warm. I am so ready to be done with this!

Lots of work got done today at the house. But I have been feeling kind of miserable and now I'm feeling like a blob. These intense lower back pains have been hitting me hard off and on for 2 days and right now I'm feeling nauseated, plus this swelling... I'm a very unhappy pregnant lady.

This must just be one of those moments you have to deal with during pregnancy, I guess. I remember being "over it" at the very end of my pregnancy w/ Fuss, but I don't clearly remember being this miserable. I'm blaming the heat... these miserable hot days where my AC doesn't work well and I can't get cool and comfy... just makes everything seem worse, I think!

I succeeded in packing away a bunch of maternity clothes I won't be needing/wanting again until my next pregnancy. We can now get that bin out of the way in our bedroom! I had Daddy Fuss hang the curtains we bought for Fuss's new room (which aren't nearly as wonderful as advertised, so I'll likely be taking them back. I am bummed!) and I got some more stuff of hers put away and organized.

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