Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Writing and Symptoms.

I am SO excited. I just got invited to join an online writing critique group and I am psyched. I am inspired to write, but I have no idea if what I'm writing is any good and I am too scared to show it to my husband or mom or whoever. People that love me uncondtionally? No way. Total strangers on the internet? Why not?


I had an OB appt this morning and they agreed to schedule my induction for the date I want (yay!) and despite my (possibly psychosomatic) worry that I am showing mild signs of preeclampsia, this midwife wasn't concerned in the slightest. I go back in 2 weeks, but that should be my last every 2 weeks appointment and then I should begin my once a week appointments.

My current symptoms/pregnancy status is thus:
  • Lots more swelling. I had to officially take my rings off on Sunday and I had to abandon any shoes but my Birkenstocks as of Saturday. (they look FABulous with my church dresses, I gotta tell you!)
  • A relapse in "morning sickness" that much like my early pregnancy comes at random, with no apparent triggers and is mostly just gagging and nausea, with occasional extremes into very small amounts of actual vomiting.
  • Random dizzy spells that seemingly have nothing to do with standing/rising too fast. They come out of no where.
  • Aches in my joints, especially after standing/walking too much/long or lying on one side for too long at night. I also cannot cross my legs comfortably for any length of time at all it seems and my natural position for sitting is much more spread out than I ever remember it being.
  • Lower back pain, punctuated by a sore tail bone (though I mostly blame this on the nearly 90 minutes of sitting on the uncomfortable bleachers at my husband's softball game last week. This week a brought a slightly more comfortable chair).
  • Weird pressure-like feelings in my abdomen that are indefinable as to whether they are bowel-related, baby moving, or can occasionally make me wonder if I'm suddenly overcome with hormonal urges.
  • Random headaches.
  • A somewhat constantly shifting belly. I can watch him move around in there about half of the day. It's sort of alien-esque sometimes. (Even my dad commented to me that my tummy looked lopsided the other day. Yup. That's your grandson.)


  1. I am convinced that when Henry finally comes out, that the right side of my belly is going to hang lower than the left side because he's spent so much time over there. My belly is always lopsided.

    Oh, and that pressure-like feeling in my abdomen? Feels like a foot is coming out my crotch (ew, I hate that word). And I feel like I've ridden 15 miles on a very uncomfortable bike :)

  2. Oh yes! I feel the same way! You described it perfectly!

  3. "People that love me uncondtionally? No way. Total strangers on the internet? Why not?" That is exactly how I feel about my blog!!! I started it in February and just last week finally got the courage to tell my husband about it. I was so worried he'd hate it or think less of me, but he loves it. You can't believe how relieved I was!