Friday, August 27, 2010

7 Quick Takes - late in the day

1. Have recently (today) discovered that I am completely uninterested in reading parenting books at this time. I devoured them when I was pregnant with Fuss, but now cannot seem to get motivated to read more than a few chapters of any parenting-related book and even those few chapters are feeling forced. I know I don't know everything, I know I need to brush up on some stuff, but the information is depressing me instead of making me look forward to it.

2. My mom and her best friend came over today to look at our new room to give me what I thought was decorating ideas. Instead they started with criticizing our planned furniture layout and moved on to trying to change my mind about nearly every other choice I had already decided on/was non-negotiable. While they were discussing it, I snuck off to my bedroom where my husband was trying to work from home and asked "was this a mistake to let them help with this?" I had been SO excited for some input... and now I'm panicking that they are going to just DO something (spend money on stuff) and I'm going to not like it.

3. Apparently, I'm feeling very negative today. Who knew? I was in a good mood earlier, I thought...

4. The blue color on my new bedroom walls is amazing. Amazing. And Daddy Fuss said that they type of paint we used was awesome. It was pricey, but he said it was so worth it. If you're in the market for some awesome interior paint, I highly recommend Duration by Sherwin-Williams. Seriously good stuff.

5. We introduced Fuss to her first viewing of Peter Pan today. She loved it. I think Dumbo might still be her current favorite, but Peter Pan was a big hit. I actually took some time away from my computer and my chores to watch it with her. She was transfixed.

6. My mom and her friend were insisting that I should be sitting on piles of beach towels or something instead of my new furniture in case my water spontaneously breaks with no warning. I'm not worried. The chances of that happening are very slim, though my mom's friend swears it happened to her daughter w/ her first pregnancy. I think it's more likely that said daughter had been having contractions and didn't realize it and then her water broke - this isn't the movies after all. I know that it sometimes happens, but seriously?

7. We had a 45-minute torrential downpour this afternoon and the street in front of my house resembles a small river. My husband suggested we might want to get floor insurance. Oh boy.

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  1. Everytime I check my feed reader, I read your post first to see if there's any baby news! I'm getting excited and I don't even know you. I assume you're hoping to make it to your induction date? If so, I hope you do! Have a great last week:)