Friday, August 20, 2010

7 Quick Takes: My Birthday Weekend

1. I have a VERY busy weekend planned. Tonight I am going out for a Girl's Nite with 2 of my girlfriends to celebrate my friend M's birthday earlier this week. (I guess in part, also my birthday, but I'm focusing on her!) We are having dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse and going to a movie. I'm looking forward to it!

2. Tomorrow morning is my second shower. It's a small group of women from church, hosted by my friend Jo. As long as she is feeling better. She was sick earlier this week and I'm hoping she is feeling much better by now!

3. Tomorrow night, Daddy Fuss and I are going out to dinner at Melting Pot. This is a special place for us - usually reserved for our anniversary, though we had to miss that this year, since we were in St. Augustine and there is no Melting Pot in St Augustine. They make my favorite cocktail there, but I'll have to skip it this year, of course!

4. We've turned the weekend into a 3-day weekend, by scheduling my husband off on Monday for my birthday and we're going to have a family day. Possibly the last one of just the 3 of us! I'm hoping to take some pictures of the 3 of us while we're together and I know he's planning to take us to a new Cajun restaurant for lunch. The only thing is... I have no idea what Fuss might eat at a Cajun place... I'm sure we'll find something!

5. Lots of cleaning and organizing going to happen today. Also hoping to get a few minutes to myself to go spend a $25 gift card to CVS that I recently came across. I would like to get some new eye makeup, but that's not an easy thing to do with Fuss in tow!

6. Fuss's 2-yr-old pictures turned out great yesterday! Our photographer friend was training a new photographer in little kid pictures (they do lots of schools/day cares and so experience w/ young children is ideal) and I think the woman needs more practice. She kept waiting for the perfect poses - looking straight at her, hands folded nicely, etc. There were a ton of potentially great pictures that I felt like she missed because she wouldn't just take the pictures that were happening. But there were plenty of great ones, regardless, so I'm not really complaining. There was one that was our friend's favorite that made her look like a preschooler! It was adorable, but I'm not quite ready for her to look that old yet! I'll have to get Daddy Fuss to scan some of the proofs to post...

7. This is my last weekend in my 30's. I know that 30 years old isn't that old, but somehow it feels like leaving childhood behind for good. You're not supposed to be immature and child-like when you're 30. (though I know plenty of people who still are, regardless!)

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  1. Ugh. I hate the trainee photographers. I feel like I should get a discount for putting up with the inexperience. Of course, I never complain because I would be so embarrassed to say anything in front of the trainee.