Monday, August 2, 2010

A weekend of movies

We were invited out for a Date Nite with our best friends last night - they had managed to score a babysitter for both of their boys and were doing dinner and a movie and invited us to join them. My MIL graciously offered to babysit, so off we went. We had a nice dinner, and the others all had a couple of drinks and then we walked over to the movie theater (they sort of share a parking lot), though due to some slow service, we missed the movie time we were planning to see, but thankfully it had another showing half an hour later, so we caught that one. (I bought a drink and it was the biggest drink I've ever seen. I drank most of it, but we did share it a bit between the four of us, and I still couldn't finish it all before the 2 1/2 hour movie was through!)

We saw Inception. It was interesting. It was complicated and there were a few annoying issues (the flashbacks to other levels right in the middle of momentum, for example. I get the point - to show the different levels and their passage of time, but it was frustrating anyhow. I was also completely annoying by the actress who played Leonardo DiCaprio's wife, Marion Cotilliard. Plus, her name was Mal {which means "bad" in Spanish and French} and they never referred to her as anything else other than that, so it didn't seem like it was even a nickname for anything. Why on earth would any parent name their kid "bad"?) Overall, it was a good movie, but not one I'm going to watch over and over again.

This weekend, we also watched 2 movies on DVD that we got by mail (Netflix/Blockbuster). One was Swing Vote, which I have to say I really liked. There were quite a few cheesy parts, but by the end, the movie had redeemed itself and I loved the ultimate point in the movie. The other movie was Star Trek, the new movie that is supposedly trying to revamp the franchise. I loved the casting of some of the actors ("Bones" McCoy in particular, though I really liked Scotty as well) and I loved that they got Leonard Nemoy to reprise his roll and play a much older, future Spock. If you liked Star Trek originally, you'll probably like this one, too!

The contractions are still coming often, if not regularly or anything. Some are hard, some are not. One thing I've noticed is that when the ones that are not as strong last a long time, they end up hurting a lot more as time goes by. (this reminds me of the cycle of labor contractions - more intense with time, as if they grow and fall) My lower back has been aching a lot lately and my legs get tired really easily, so standing or walking for long periods of time is tiring me out! The heat around here has been driving me crazy, I feel like I can never get cool anymore!

The inner drywall has been put in place and I have a bedroom door installed, so it's actually beginning to look like a wall and a truly-enclosed room! They made a lot of progress this weekend and that makes me very happy! The electrician is (supposedly) coming today, so that could mean a lot more forward momentum this week! I am hoping to really begin to see some movement closer to completion (there is still a ton to do, but I'm feeling like the end is in sight, at least, even if it's far off!)

There are 3 weeks until my 30th birthday, and 31 until the baby is born.

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  1. I think everyone in the world has seen Inception except for me! My husband even went this weekend (he was out of town with his dad and brother). I'm sure I'll have to wait until we can get it through Netflix. We've got Swing Vote in our queue! I think we're getting it soon.