Monday, August 16, 2010

Now I need a new haircut...

On Saturday I had my annual (for my birthday) Mother/Daughter day with my mom and we started out the day getting pedicures. Noticing the sad state of my last manicure, my mom also insisted I get a mani, too, so as Fuss would say, I have "farkles" on both hands and toes. We then went to the mall and searched for the best option for a make-over. It was tax-free weekend for the state of Florida, so we expected the mall to be a mad house, and it was, but we got pretty luck and got there early, got a good parking spot and found out the the Estee Lauder at Dillards (not my favorite department store, by far, since they seem to have snobby staff who don't actually care about their customers - at least at the mall I usually go to) was "in gift" and that they had their traveling make-up artist around to do make-overs - AND that she was just finishing up about 5-10 minutes after we arrived, so...

Her name was Jo, and she was terrific! Seriously, she was such a joy to spend time with, a very talented make-up artist, and a great saleswoman. (which is more than I can say for the girl who rang us up and was pushing on stuff we really didn't want and wouldn't listen as I told her what we DID want - almost missed selling several items I was interested in because she wouldn't just LISTEN! But anyhow) Seeing how it's my 30th birthday, I actually paid attention to the issues of aging (still at that preventative stage, but...) and got some really great skincare items.

I walked out looking a little more made up than usual daywear, but it looked nice, regardless. (though I can't seem to get all the eyeliner off, even with remover, so that's interesting...) and then mom and I went to lunch at Pei Wei and visited Barnes and Noble to check out the Nook (B&N's version of the Kindle) and look around and then over to Home Goods where my mom found some great little accessories for Fuss's new big girl room and some pillows for her own room. (Incidentally, I found a quilt at Home Goods that was EXACTLY what I had been looking for an entire year for Fuss's bed. Exactly. And it was on sale for under $40. But of course, we already bought one, washed it and I can't return it now. So it's still sitting there at Home Goods. Ah well. I'm a little bummed since they had ALL sorts of accessories to go with it that would have made my job SO easy...)

All made up and pretty, Daddy Fuss took us out to dinner. If my hair hadn't been so frumpy looking, I think I would have felt spectacular... I really, really need a new haircut. But you win some, you lose some, and I'm not ready to get my hair cut until after this baby comes out (and then there are some other major priorities to take care of in front of my vanity.)

But seriously - there is something really nice about having smooth feet and pretty toes, well-cared-for skin that makes you feel a little more special, you know? All in all, I think it was a fabulous way to begin celebrating my birthday - and I've got at least a week left of celebrations, since my birthday isn't until a week from today!

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