Friday, August 6, 2010

7 Quick Takes: Waking, organizing, covered in baby powder...

1. I took Fuss to a special program for little kids at the local library today. It was cute and I was meeting a friend who has a daughter Fuss's age to kind of make it a bit of a play date. But when I got there my friend and anther friend of hers were already sitting on the floor with their kids and since I wanted to join them, I sat down on the floor, too. Bad idea. I attempted to sit "Indian Style" (I know, they call it "Criss-cross applesauce" now, but when I was a kid it was Indian Style and so...) with Fuss on my lap. That lasted about 10 minutes. I then had to shift my legs and I was still in trouble, but it was better. I sat there for an hour (or more - I lost track) and then spent the rest of the day in horrible pain, especially in my tailbone and lower back. When Fuss went down for her nap, I laid down, too and was nearly whimpering with the pain. I guess I need to find a time to go see my chiropractor. Soon.

2. We've been to the playground at Chic-fil-A twice this week. Anything to get her out of the house and away from the TV, but remain in the air conditioning. I'm getting desperate.

3. Daddy Fuss has been picking up a bunch of freelance clients lately. It's nice, because it is bringing in some extra money, but it's taking up what little free time he has these days. Sigh. You can't have it all.

4. Fuss came out of her room after bed time last night covered in baby powder. She had climbed up on her changing table and grabbed the large bottle and sprinkled herself and her bed thoroughly and liberally with baby powder. Ugh. A quick rinse in the shower, new PJs, new sheets, etc. and she's back in bed, but the room reeks of baby powder.

5. This week I have been organizing my life with regards to the time when the baby will come. I have a care giver for Fuss, a back-up care-giver in case I go into labor on my own during the day and everyone is already at work, etc. I am trying to pick out what I need to pack in my bags for the hospital, etc. (Thus far, my own needs haven't been on the radar - I'm currently trying to decide which baby clothes to bring to the hospital)

6. We had another 3am wake-up with Fuss last night. We took turns dealing with her requests and lack of desire to sleep alone in her bed. I don't know what is going on with her lately. Maybe this is her (delayed) 27-month sleep regression? I dunno.

7. Major dry-walling is going on tomorrow at Casa Fuss. My BFF's husband (arguably DH's best friend) is coming over to help with the installation and Fuss and I are escaping over to their house to play with their boys. I'm bringing supplies over to make dinner at their house, since there isn't room to feed and serve that many people at my house right now.

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  1. 3 am wakeups are the worst! Meg has been waking up at 3 am every day for the last two weeks...but I'm sure you've already heard enough about that subject.

    I'm glad to hear you've gotten to the drywall stage of your remodel! Hopefully that means things are getting a lot closer to being done.