Monday, August 30, 2010

Migraine and Decor

Migraines while pregnant are a special kind of torture.

I spent Sunday in an extraordinary amount of pain. I woke w/ a headache at 4am. It continued by rebounding all day long, despite the medication I took (all Dr approved) and the rest I acquired. After cooking dinner I ended up having either really short, but awful contractions or really intense punches and kicks from the baby - they hurt so much but were very short, so I didn't have the time or concentration to analyze them.

My in-laws (MIL, LP and J) came over and finished painting my current bedroom for the conversion to Fuss's room. Since there was only 2 rollers, they took turns doing the painting and doing little things around my house for me, which was so sweet. My dad and Daddy Fuss spent the day laying tile in our new bedroom. The grout will be done Monday, but the tile is all in and it looks fabulous! I am so excited about how beautiful it looks.

My mom and her friend picked out some bedding and those type of accessories for us and they want to surprise us while we're in the hospital. My mom called me up saying "If Candice Olson were to come into your house, would you let her do whatever she wanted?" Now, I like Candice Olson, though our tastes are not always the same (Candice tends to go a little more modern than my personal tastes, but regardless, she's brilliant with design) and the answer to the question is yes, however, with Candice I know what I'm getting, so I don't know that the same goes for my mom - but I'm not sure how to tell her that...

But, by her description I'll probably like it and she promised to keep the receipts in case we don't.

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