Friday, August 13, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. I'm so sick of watching Clifford's Really Big Movie or whatever it is called. Honestly, it's better than some of the movies she wants to watch all the time (have you seen the Care Bears movies of this era? Awful.) But seriously. It's her favorite lately. I think I watch it daily. But I have to say that every time Clifford says good-bye to Emily Elizabeth, my heart breaks.

2. I finally have cankles. My husband had to undo the middle strap on my Birkenstocks last night so that I could wear them (which is apparently driving Fuss bonkers - she doesn't like my straps flapping around...) My toes look like little sausages and they are so puffy I can't bend them all the way.

3. Saturday is my annual Mother/Daughter make over and pedi day for my birthday (which is more than a week away, but the timing wasn't working out, so it's this week.) I am very much looking forward to it. But I hope I can walk through the mall okay. Suddenly glad we decided to do it early rather than late - I can't imagine trying to do it 2 weeks later...

4. The painting on the inside of our great room begins this weekend. I'm psyched. Once that is done, we can move furniture back into place and I can get at least part of my house back in order!

5. I need chocolate.

6. I was telling a friend about the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival at Disney World and I am really hoping that we are going to be able to go this year. I am really missing wine lately, anyway.

7. Someone mentioned this shirt on Twitter the other day and I want it for postpartum time. So cute, and some great functionality for nursing!

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