Monday, August 9, 2010

Things that make me happy

I got this idea from Jessica at A Little Dose of Sweetness and I wanted to copy her because she has a good point that sometimes we forget to record the happy things on our blogs - that often we focus on the frustrating or stressful things in our lives because they are easier to write about, or we use our blogs as therapy to get out our frustrations, etc. But we need to remember the happy, fun times, too. Sometimes even more importantly than the negative.

So without further ado, here is my random list of 10 things that make me happy at this point in my life:

1. That daily, sometimes several times a day, Fuss bursts into song and dances around the room, singing some made up song that is in her head. Lately, her 2 favorite topics have been Racecars (she even makes a whooshing sound within the song) and Flowers. The songs go on for awhile and she will sing "I'm not done yet" if we clap too soon.

2. That the one client (a friend of ours' father) that Daddy Fuss got last month was so happy with the work he did for his business, that he is now having him do a ton of stuff for his personal computers and his family's personal computers. We may be able to finance our entire trip to Disney based on the work he is giving us lately. Very exciting stuff.

3. Cute baby boy clothes. I always though that boy clothes weren't as fun as girl clothes (and I still think that might be the case, if you line them up side by side), but I have found and been given a lot of really cute little boy clothes that make me smile when I see them. Of course, anything that tiny is pretty cute in general.

4. Elephants, especially in stuffed toy form. My mom bought a stuffed elephant for the baby to add to the decorations for my shower (I've been oddly obsessed with elephants this pregnancy) which was jungle animal themed and it is SO cute and cuddly. And then my friend Jo did an elephant-themed invitation for my other shower and it is absolutely precious.

5. This is my birthday month! We've been making our plans to celebrate, which is always exciting. Despite the fact that my birthday is 10 days before I deliver, I am still looking forward to it quite a bit. I don't want a big party, even though it's a big birthday, but I am looking forward to spending time with my family and a few friends and my annual make-over with my mom.

6. Fuss has been especially mommy-centric lately. Sometimes this can be frustrating, but it's nice to see that in fact, she DOES like me as much as she likes her daddy and sometimes it's nice to be the only one who can make her happy.

7. Breakfast foods. This is a weird one for me, since I am a self-proclaimed hater of breakfast foods, but lately I cannot seem to get enough of several special breakfasts that used to be rarities in our house and have now become much more regular. I had a habit of always wanting to go out to breakfast on the weekends and often skipping breakfast altogether during the week, but these special breakfasts are really appealing to me all the time, so I'm forgoing eating out to make these and often even adding one to the weekday mornings. My breakfast obsessions these days are Daddy Fuss's Sausage Gravy and Biscuits, a dish we call Brie Slug, muffins, and cinnamon rolls. All of them are especially yummy and start my day with a smile.

8. Rain. As hot as it's been lately, a nice afternoon rainstorm does a lot to relieve some of the heat and mugginess from the air, and listening to the rain drip onto the windows is so relaxing. Especially when Fuss is taking a nap and I get some down time, too, it is so peaceful. I am happy to have anything relaxing and peaceful in my life these days.

9. My husband. He is amazing. He works hard at a job he dislikes so that he can support us and then he has been so supportive and encouraging of me during these hard days of pregnancy and he does more than his fair share of work around here. He cooks or brings home food when I just can't handle cooking. He helps with Fuss - giving her baths or diaper changes or serving her her dinner. He has been helping out in the middle of the night this week when she has been waking up and being difficult in the night.

10. My Birkenstocks. I can't seem to get any other my other shoes on my feet, so it's wonderful that I have some comfortable shoes that are supportive. It's also convenient that it's summer time I can get away with wearing them with everything.

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