Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To Do

My current list of things that still need to/should get done before the baby arrives:

1. Raise crib mattress. Clean sheet currently on it and replace with one not as girly.
2. Clean out van.
3. Locate and install infant carseat. This will involve some rearranging of the van bench seats, I believe.
4. Find some place to put the bin of 0-3 month boy clothes that is at least accessible. (Right now it's in the nursery closet, underneath several other items)
5. Rearrange diaper drawer to accommodate newborn diapers along w/ Fuss's size 4s. (Find new place for unused toddler panties, since she has even less interest now than she did 6 months ago)
6. Make a few purchases to complete the have-tos. (Waiting, at least in part, for the 10% off registry completion coupon... where is it?) Need: New pump parts, breast pads, at least one more blanket
7. Decide what to do about nursing cover. Was given one I don't think I like. Really want one from Simply Sweet Baby Boutique.
8. Take back Huggies Wipes (shower gift) that irritate Fuss's bottom and replace w/ generics.
9. Spend some quality cuddle-time with my best girl. Cookies and Disney movies may be involved. Pink sparkly nail polish, too.
10. Back adjusted by chiropractor.

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