Friday, July 23, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. We found the perfect palate for our exterior colors last weekend, and now seem to have lost the card/can't find them again. Growl.

2. Our initial Home Improvement Fund is severely depleted. The money that we were all so sure would cover everything and possibly then some is dwindling quickly. And as I look out my sliding glass door, I see that we have SO much to do. I'm freaking out. From the impression my dad gave me, I thought we'd have some left over. Or at least as much as we have left for decorating both bedrooms. And we haven't even purchased the dry wall yet! Panic is about to be induced.

3. So tired of changing stinky diapers. And smearing cream on diaper rash!

4. Feeling like a hippopotamus. Heard the term "pregopotamus" this week and glared at my husband to remind him to never use that to refer to me.

5. Heard a story from my dad about his impression of my mom when she was about this pregnant w/ me all those years ago. He described her as "the cutest thing" and assured me that despite my current feelings of unwieldiness, my husband likely doesn't feel that way. This was in direct opposition to the way my mom always implies that my dad felt about her when she was pregnant (she thought he was repulsed by her being "fat"). It was an interesting perspective to hear. Made me feel a little better!

6. Inside demo should be starting next week on the new room. I have to figure out how to push everything away from the wall this weekend (okay, Daddy Fuss does all the heavy work, but I have to figure it out) and I know this means we'll be eating off tray tables for at least a week. Let's hope that's all it means.

7. Daddy Fuss took Fuss to the doctor this morning, since the diarrhea and fever have continued now for 3 days. She woke at 5 am again this morning (way out of the norm for her) and we are both so tired. I can't wait until nap time.

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