Tuesday, July 6, 2010

10 on Tuesday: 7-6-10

1. If given the opportunity, would you choose a mediocre job that paid well or your dream job that paid poorly?
It would depend on a lot of factors, of course, but I think my dream job (if I ever figure out what that might be) regardless of pay. It would be nice to be fulfilled on a daily basis - feeling as if your life and work count for something. I guess you could say that being a SAHM is like that - I am regularly made aware that this is a gift - getting to spend time with my daughter, to mold her and teach her and watch her grow - and that, despite the lack of money being made, it is a precious thing.

2. What is your favorite thing about the 4th of July? (For the foreigners: What is your impression of the 4th of July?)
Can I say the food? There is something about good, american food (hot dogs, apple pie, you get the idea) and having fun w/ friends and family.

3. What’s the most random fact you know about American history?
Recently found out that President John Quincy Adams used to swim nude in the Potomac River. When a female reporter found out, she showed up on the bank of the river and sat on his clothes until he granted her an interview. This was the first interview of a President done by a female reporter.

4. What is the best fireworks display you’ve ever seen?
Several years ago, i was invited to a small gathering at a casual friends' beach condo for 4th of July. We stood out on her balcony for hours and watched a panoramic view of about 6 different fireworks shows in the distance. All the sparkle, none of the crowds, sand, or noise.

5. Who taught you how to put on makeup?
My mom and then Valerie Schaeffer, my Mary Kay consultant sort of fine-tuned it. But I'm always learning new techniques for little things both from the internet, magazines, and make-up counter make overs.

6. Have you ever gone through a financial planning process? Tell us about it.
Depending on what you mean by "financial planning process" when we found out we were pregnant the first time, my husband got inspired to get on a budget, stick with it, get us out of debt and really clean up our financial issues. We did it, too and paid off the last of our credit cards in early 2009 and have a few other debts (student loans, mortgage) that we are working on, still.

7. What was your favorite outfit as a kid? Bonus points for pictures.
No pictures, unfortunately. I remember this cute little gray and baby pink dress I had that I outgrew so my mom wouldn't let me wear it by itself anymore (I outgrew it height-wise, but it still fit everywhere else, just too short.) So I wore it over some skinny pink capri pants and I thought I was the coolest thing. I wore ankle boots and pink scrunch socks (it was the early 90's) with it and I felt very much like a dancer or something. Loved it. No idea what happened to it.

8. Do you prefer a beach, lake, swimming pool, or no water?
Swimming pool. I do not like the "dirtiness" or natural water sources for swimming, if I can avoid them.

9. Do you recycle? If not, why?
Nope. Because it seems like it is more trouble than it is worth. When we had a regular recycling pick up in our neighborhood, I was great about it. When I could drop my stuff off at the school and they would turn it all in in bulk, I was fairly good about it. But now, I have to go way out of my way to "throw away garbage" and that is so unappealing to me, so I don't bother.

10. What are your thoughts and feelings about the Twilight Saga?
I succumbed to reading it just after the 3rd book came out (for some reason the cover appealed to me in Borders one day) and I enjoyed it. I thought the character of Bella was so relateable (is that a word?) and I've liked good vampire stories since Sarah Michelle Gellar played Buffy. (big Buffy fan here - but the movie was too cheesy) I thought the 4th book was a little over the top (even by comparison to the basic storyline of vampires and werewolves in general) so I was glad it ended then. I thought the first movie was horrible (I kept apologizing to my husband for making him sit through it - and we've sat through some pretty bad movies in the past...) but the second one redeemed itself and I'm interested in the 3rd. (haven't seen it yet)

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