Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A different type of 10 on Tuesday

For each of the following 10 categories, tell us which brand/product you use and why.
1. Cell Phone - My faves have always been Nokia, but my current one is an LG. Which is probably my 2nd runner up brand of cell phone.
2. Email - Yahoo with a little gmail thrown in. I'm really getting over yahoo lately, though. Too many issues.
3. Toothpaste - my fave is Arm and Hammer, but my dad always gives us a tube each for Christmas, which tends to last us for awhile during the year. This year it is Crest brand, so that's what we're on
4. Car - I drive a Chrysler Town and Country
5. Writing Utensil - My favorite ball point pens are Xeno by Staples. I have a bunch, so they are often around, but really, I'll write with whatever is available. As much as I like office supplies, I'm not that picky about what I use to jot things down.
6. Lotion - Currently using both Jergens Ultra Healing (to stave off the stretch marks) and Bath and Body Works (to smell good). (Incidentally, I like the Coconut Lime Verbena and the Moonlight Path scents the best)
7. Interior Paint - We bought the new Behr Primer/Paint in one for Fuss's room. Will likely do the same when we have walls to paint for our new room.
8. Soda/Drink - Coca Cola Classic
9. Laundry Detergent - Tide with Bleach or All Free and Clear (depending on who's laundry we're doing)
10. Medicine - Like headache medicine? When not pregnant, I swear by Excedrine, but while pregnant it's good ol' Tylenol (or the generic equivalent) for me!

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