Friday, July 16, 2010

7 Quick Takes: It's the end of the week!

1. I am still recovering from my experience of working for 3 days this week. I know that it's July and I'm 8 months pregnant, but I'm mildly amused at myself, since I used to do this full-time, often 50 hours a week or more. And we were way busier then (though I also had help back then, too!). I am getting old!

2. My house is being attacked by flying insects. The construction at the back of house seems to have somehow allowed them access to the inside of the house, and I have spent way too much time slapping at house flies. Ugh. We're getting them under control with bug spray, etc. but it's been somewhat ridiculous.

3. Did I mention that we signed up for Netflix recently and are LOVING the streaming-through-the Wii option? Seriously, it has been a life-saver in the Fuss department (they have a great selection of kid-friendly movies and TV shows) and Daddy Fuss and I are enjoying some of the older movies and TV shows available (remember The Commish? Love that Tony Scally!) I think we'd continue it just for the streaming option, but we also get several disks in the mail per month, which is great, too! (since not everything is available streaming through the Wii).

4. I'm going to have to hurry up and choose the exterior colors for my house, since we need to paint the outside of our addition (something I hadn't considered) and I am having SUCH a time making that choice. Cannot believe how difficult it is to pick a nice-looking combination that both Daddy Fuss and I like. Plus, I am not in the outside-of-the-house mindset right now. I am focused on the inside and I am just not ready for this!

5. I really, really, really want a new battery for my laptop. I have all these fanciful thoughts of being able to, you know, MOVE my computer off my desk. Or take it to Panera some evening for a quiet hour or two of writing by myself without little kid TV shows entering my thoughts from the background.

6. My exhaustion this week has delayed my writing, though I have written a little bit and it's all completely new stuff. I have even named a character after one of my internet friends and it's interesting how this originally minor character is coming alive. I hadn't even planned this character into existence, but there she is, in my story. I'm amused.

7. I am so glad to have White Collar back. Neil Caffrey, I have missed you!

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  1. When we started watching Netflix on demand, I was beyond excited they have Veggie Tales!! Meg hasn't watched any yet, since she's still a little young for TV, but I can't wait to watch them with her! I've always kind of wondered if the rest of the country is as crazy about Veggie Tales as our area is. Veggie Tales are done by people in Minnesota and I grew up in Northern Iowa, so they were promoted in our area (through the church and local Christian bookstore) from the very beginning. I never knew if they started local and expanded, or if they were always everywhere and my church just played up the "made near here" angle. I LOVE Veggie Tales. I believe they came out when I was in high school, so its impressive that a kids show was (and is) loved by all ages.