Thursday, July 8, 2010

So much to do!

Oh my goodness, I have a tooth ache. A BAD tooth ache. The kind where it radiates down into the other jaw as well and feels like half of teeth hurt in general. And of course, being pregnant, nobody wants to do anything for me - and I have 2 months left of pregnancy! And then at least a week (or more) until I can get enough milk stored up to take a few hours away from my newborn to get my teeth fixed... suddenly, those 2 months seem like a VERY long time instead of the panic I've been feeling about it being so short and having so much to do! I'm having trouble sleeping when I lay on the side with the sore tooth, it's giving me a headache and I feel kind of like I'm falling apart. I'm going a little crazy.

I've re-typed a little over 5000 words (with edits) and now I'm to the point where I think the original writing moved way too fast and got way too... much. So I need to move it in a different direction and that is, of course, slower going. Unfortunately, my husband and I are having guests over this evening for dinner and I have to spend more time cleaning the house today and getting ready for our company. I had let the house get a little more out of hand than I should have - so it's taking me more time than it should.

In addition, we finally found the Pull-ups that we were searching for (the Cool Alert version) and I tried starting Fuss in them yesterday. It doesn't seem to be working the way I had hoped, but she does seem to be more interested in letting me change her... so at there is something happening there! I'm trying not to get frustrated with her lack of progress in the potty training department. I'm not really in a hurry at this point, since I know she'll likely regress from that when the baby comes since it's so close now, but I feel like she COULD do it, or at least do better at it now, but she chooses not to.

We picked out the paint color for Fuss's new big girl room, and I'm very excited. We're discussing the options on the details - I want to paint some really large (larger than life) flowers on at least one section of her room to kind of give it a garden feel. And the main color scheme is green w/ pink, but her quilt has several colors in it, so I might need to add more than just pink colors for the flowers.

There is so much to do here at Casa Fuss. And I have 8 weeks from today until my (tentatively) scheduled induction date!

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  1. Wow. They won't do anything for your tooth? That stinks!