Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nearly 34 weeks

Just finished my last day of "temp" work for my dad. I have nothing else on the books except for a little paper work that I can do from home, and my weekly 1-2 hours of voluntary (I get paid, but I don't HAVE to go in) check in. I'm actually thrilled to be done, since I have hated having to wake up early to go to work. I do, however, greatly appreciate the money!

Sleep has been an issue in our house of late. Fuss went through almost a week of very early (by everyone's standards) to early-for-her wakings, despite some less-than-stellar naps and at least one late night. BUT! We seem to have tricked her into sleeping at least a little later the last 2 mornings (by wearing her out more and then putting her to bed later) and so I am hoping we are getting back to normal in that department. My 6am alarm, however, has severely damaged my best sleeping time (usually between my 4:30 pee break and whenever Fuss gets up or Daddy Fuss wakes me up) and so I am greatly looking forward to getting back to that starting tomorrow! I know Daddy Fuss is, too, since I've had to wake him to help with Fuss when I leave for work, or he's actually been the one several times to get up and attempt to put her back to sleep to no avail.

She's going through a phase right now where she only wants to sleep in her bed. She's actually become a bit of a home-body, which confuses me. (And is messing with me, too, since with all the chaos at the house, the last place I want to be is home, if I can avoid it.) But our adventure yesterday with attempting to avoid the demolition noise and napping at Grandma's house didn't go over as I had hoped (it was just short of a dismal failure. She slept, but not until much later in the afternoon than she should have - especially since she told me she was tired even earlier than her usual nap time). So today, we are trying again, with a few minor changes, and we shall see what happens.

It is hot. It is incredibly hot and muggy out today. I began to perspire on the very short walk from the back door to the car, a mere 15 feet away. Partially, of course, my "upholstered" body is to blame, but everyone is commenting on how hot it is this summer (weird, since we had the coldest, longest winter we've had in years this past winter). I do not recommend getting pregnant in December, especially when you live in a hot climate to begin with, since the worst time of your pregnancy will be in the hottest months of all. Part of me wonders if my increase in contractions is evidence of him "baking" faster than usual, though I know that's ridiculous!

My baby shower is this weekend and I am looking forward to it. It will be smaller, more laid back, more intimate, than my first shower, and I am completely fine with that. I know it's my second baby and I am grateful that my friends and family are willing and wanting to do anything for me, let alone shower me with gifts, ha ha!

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