Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tired, swollen, and plain worn out...

I am swelling this morning. I've had several experiences this pregnancy with rapid swelling in my hands that lasts from 20-60 minutes or so, and I've been assured that since it's always first thing in the morning, that it's just my body's reaction to no hydration overnight... but this was freaky to me, since it was my feet, not my hands. And I had to hobble from place to another since my toes were so puffy that they wouldn't bend well...

I feel like he's shoving himself into my lungs/ribs lately and I'm having more trouble getting good, deep breaths. I don't remember that with Fuss, but then, she spent most of her time pushing down on my left hip bone and this baby's favorite spot is my upper right section.

I want to sleep all day today. Seriously, I am SO tired. The waking so frequently at night is really annoying, and I've put in a lot more physical work this week than I'm currently used to. I'm looking forward to taking it easy today, I think. As a matter of fact, I've been wishing my laptop was more portable (the battery doesn't work at all, so it has to stay plugged in at all time or it shuts off immediately. The current scenario has the laptop stuck on a desk and a very uncomfortable chair to sit in, and all I want is to be lazy and lounge in bed or in my recliner or whatever.

I am officially 8 months pregnant today. I have 7 weeks until my (tentative) induction date. I am starting to feel very overwhelmed by everything that is going on/still needs to be done. I'm freaking out about the room - since we need it done for the space, but also, I don't want to be finishing it while having a newborn at the house, adjusting to postpartum life, etc. (can you imagine the noise/paint fumes/dust and having a newborn? I cringe at the thought).

Off to start my day... shower, laundry and relaxation. Looking forward to it.

Oh, I should note that yesterday, my SIL J took Fuss for the morning and they played/went out to lunch and then came home and cleaned up my living room. I was SO grateful. She even vacuumed. So sweet.

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  1. Ugh. I feel so bad for you. Note to self: avoid summer pregnancies! I'm dying from the heat and I'm not even pregnant. Yesterday the heat index here was 107.