Monday, July 19, 2010

I had a play date with my husband.

You know what baffles me? That ice cream at the grocery store is tax-free, but toilet paper (certainly the more "needed for life" of the two) is not. That just messes with my sense of logic. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the tax break on the ice cream - because I love ice cream, but my sense of reason just cannot fathom that.

On Sunday, my SIL, J offered to take Fuss from 8:30am to 4:30pm to join a group from her church to go to the local zoo (it was $5 zoo day, I learned later. I figured there was something going on - maybe a group discount or something, because those darn adult tickets are expensive). We offered to make breakfast for the 2 aunts (my other SIL, LP, was also going) and then they took her on to church and were going over to the zoo immediately following.

For the first time in her life, Fuss needed someone called out of church during the service. No one has any idea what was happening, or why she was suddenly fussy and upset. (She had been in this class before, had walked right in without an issue, had made a friend, and had been there for a couple of hours already. They figured out later that she was very hungry, but she had had a good breakfast and they give a small snack in the class, so I am still confused as to what caused it, but I will likely never know.) They ended up skipping the zoo because she was fussy and complaining that she was tired and hungry and taking her to lunch w/ Oma (my MIL) and then brought her home. She apparently ate everything in sight but then refused to take a nap until mommy and daddy got home at 3 (a very late nap for her), coming home earlier than planned because of her issue. No big deal, we had had a nice day together, etc. but it was sort of strange, overall. She was clingy to me after her nap, as well, though totally willing to go down for her nap as soon as we got home. (She apparently kept asking for Aunt J in the class, and then when Aunt J got there, she burst into tears and cried "I want my mommy!" which is a new experience overall! I have heard stories about separation anxiety, and clingy phases that children go through, and I've waited for them to happen, and never actually seen them. This 15 minute episode is the closest I've seen in my obviously very Independent girl. )

When J offered to take Fuss, she set one stipulation: we were not allowed to work. This was a play day. We appreciated that - Daddy Fuss has been working SO hard, such long hours at the office, picking up freelance jobs and helping my dad with the construction. We had quite a time figuring out what to do with all this proposed freedom! We went over to the fancy mall and walked around. We checked out the iPad at the Apple store (love it, we're dreaming about it) and went to Build-a-Bear for our upcoming arrival and had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (and cheesecake, of course. Simply delicious cheesecake!). We walked into some of the high-end stores that I typically don't go into (I like shopping, but I am really the type that I'm not going to look if I know that I for sure cannot buy anything, therefore I usually don't go into Coach stores - the outlet, maybe, but not the regular retail store - and Tiffany's, etc.) but it was fun to window shop. We also stopped at Brookstone and sat in the massage chairs for a little while, getting electronic massages.

I've been plagued with some bad headaches again lately, but today seems to be the worst in awhile. I woke with it, feeling like I'd slept funny and I know I slept poorly all night - my longest (by far) stretch of sleep without waking was 90 minutes. But my usual tricks to get past a morning where I wake up with a headache didn't completely work. (it's better than it was - I can function and take care of Fuss as needed, though I imagine she'll be watching a little more TV than is ideal today, but we've already been to Target, where she was happily very well behaved)

I'm hoping for an easy day. I have things to do, of course, but I plan to take it easy. I've also noticed an increase in contractions this morning (including one in the shower that I wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't scrubbing my tummy at the time - apparently the idea of a water birth really has some merit!) so, yet another reason to take it a little easier.


  1. Meg always gets sad (and often cries) when we leave her at the nursery at church. She's usually estatic to see us (even though she does have fun while we're gone). But last week, she burst into tears when she had to leave! She didn't want to come with us. She wanted to keep playing with the toys.

  2. Jessica - Fuss is usually the opposite. She walks into her classroom without a backward glance/good-bye most weeks. And most of the time she is very happy to see us when we arrive to pick her up. (occasionally, she resists if she is into a specific toy or there is about to be food...) She is a very independent, social little person, so she is in her element to be around a bunch of kids.