Monday, July 26, 2010

Current Status

Oh our "play date" the other day, Daddy Fuss and I did one of our regular check-ins over lunch. We each asked the other the questions "how are things going?", "are you content with where you are right now?", "what would you like to change?", "is there something specific you'd like to be doing with your life right now?" etc.

I hadn't thought specifically about my answers to those questions lately, but in talking it out with him, I realized that things are pretty good right now. I think a lot of my increasing happiness with my current lot in life is not having to work outside the house (very much) right now. I'm also really enjoying getting back into my writing. But mostly, I'm feeling more confident in my ability to parent/mother Fuss. And while I'm occasionally concerned about what is going to change/happen when the new baby comes (can I parent a toddler and a newborn all day every day?) I am less freaked out about this these days. That's not to say I don't have bad days. Oh, yes, I do! But I seem to have more "bad moments" than full days!

But overall, I am feeling better about things in general lately. I am feeling better about my life (or I was until we cut off the back of the house and began living in chaos this weekend... but you know, overall, things are good!)

There is not a single room in my house that is not in chaos. It's beginning to drive me crazy and it's only day 2 of this. Even Fuss's room has the baby's stuff piled into the crib. And my husband is painting each wall of our room one-by-one so that the main part of it is done before we move rooms (so as not to waist time...). No idea what we're going to do if it's not done by the time the baby arrives. I know he won't be sleeping in the crib right away, but it would be nice to have the crib ready for him, regardless (for the occasional naps, etc.) and I need the storage space for all his stuff, etc. (and do not even get me started on where the heck I'm going to put even the bouncer and the bassinet if the house is still in this much chaos when he arrives. I shudder to think about that possibility.)

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  1. I think its great you're happy/not completely freaking out! I think I'd be losing my mind if I was mere weeks away from having a baby and the house was torn apart. But I guess you've at least had awhile to get used to the idea. And any house with a newborn is "torn apart" anyway:) Good luck with the last few weeks! I hope it all comes together!