Wednesday, July 21, 2010

(Nearly) 33 weeks

I had my bi-monthly appointment at the OB yesterday and learned a lot.

The best and biggest thing was that they are still very much on board with inducing me at 39 weeks, due to the proposed size of said munchkin. This has been a worry of mine over the last few weeks, since they won't put it on the schedule until 36-37 weeks and I've been sort of counting on that date as my "end date." (Plus, it's super convenient for everybody. My mom and SIL have requested time off, the following weekend is Labor Day weekend, so everybody has a little extra time off to come play with both Fuss and the little guy, etc.)

My BP is up - still not in the scary zone, but higher than it's been, and higher than it ever was w/ Fuss. She asked me if I'd been having headaches before I even got the chance to mention my 48-hour headache. She asked a bunch of questions about swelling (very little, though a few sporadic episodes where it's been really bad for an hour or two) and indigestion feelings, and she checked my reflexes and verified that my protein levels were normal in my samples. (Yes) Basically, I have a few symptoms of possible pre-ecclampsia and she wants me to monitor my symptoms more closely and to call if they get worse, etc. She also encouraged me to go ahead and take the Rx I have for my headache to try and kill it and see if we could then start from scratch.

The other info I got was that the hospital tour isn't necessary. They were able to give me my paperwork at the Dr's office and I can mail it in for pre-registration. Daddy Fuss and I haven't discussed it yet, but I'm leaning towards skipping the tour altogether and just making my mom happy about the shower schedule.

I'm not happy that there is a chance I might have pre-ecclampsia, but I am happy that I feel like they are taking some of my more annoying symptoms a little more seriously. The one midwife often blows everything off - don't worry, you're fine, you feel different during pregnancy, etc. She is probably right, but I've been asking about my elevated-for-me BP since the end of my 1st trimester when I started getting the pregnancy migraines, and this is the first time I feel like they have truly listened/noticed a potential problem.

I took Fuss to my BFF's house yesterday while I was at my appointment. She ran around with BFF's boys (ages 7 and 3) for several hours and then we all went swimming in their pool when I got there after my appointment. Fuss took an unprecedented 4-hour nap that afternoon. (But then she didn't want to go to bed and woke WAY early for her this morning, so I guess we paid for it, either way.) Now we're both tired and I am really looking forward to nap time!

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  1. I was born the day after Labor Day and its really nice having your birthday on or near a three day weekend every year. My mom went into labor on Labor Day!