Friday, February 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes: It's Been a LONG Week

My blog has been dark the last 2 days due to the combination of sick Fuss and single parenting. And now I am getting sick and of course can't take anything before 12 weeks (for those counting, I'm at 10). Also the crazy-worry about my husband who is in Delaware, flying out of Philadelphia, which has been closed for the last 2 days.

1. I am tired. 5 days is too much. Yesterday, I determined that 4 days is too much. I'm at the end of my rope and my patience is gone. Of course, I am also beginning to get sick, so that might be playing a part in that.

2. Fuss has a bad cold which developed into an ear infection. It's her first, 2 weeks before her 2nd birthday, so obviously we're not doing too bad in that department. My best friend's son had been on antibiotics 4 times before his first birthday, for example. I guess my "better to be safe than sorry" attitude is working afterall.

3. The take-out diet does nothing for my intestinal issues. I hadn't had hardly any vegetables in days and my tummy is rebelling. Despite the fact that I'm eating Asian food almost exclusively, it's not nearly as healthy as I would have thought...

4. Fuss hasn't been eating over the last day or so. This is very unusual for her. She's also been taking extra naps that throw off her schedule a bunch. I ended up only working one day this week instead of my usual 3. It really ended up being bet that way, but I feel at least a little guilty (it wavers between a lot and a little) about not doing my part to bring in a paycheck. Our schedule went out the window. I knew I liked schedules, but I don't think I realized how much I depend on them.

5. My husband is scheduled to fly home today and we are hopeful that he will get home on time. I am grateful that they opened the airport this morning. A friend of ours was supposed to fly home from the same airport yesterday and he won't be getting home until Saturday night.

6. My husband's birthday is this weekend and I need to make his favorite oatmeal cake. I hope I have all the ingredients, because I don't really want to go back to the grocery store today. We went yesterday to pick up Fuss's prescription and some "hold of the cold" supplies for me (OJ, Zicam, etc.) We have reservations for his birthday and a babysitter all set up, so I'm really hoping that everyone is feeling up to the plans we have in place.

7. I am very ready for this week to be over. Very, very ready.


  1. Phillip told me that he's going on a business trip a week after next: for four nights. HOLD ME.

  2. Seriously. Maybe you can farm out the kids to your in-laws for a night or 2? Really, things would have been manageable if she hadn't been sick.