Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Dat Say They Gonna Beat Them Saints?

I know this isn't a sports blog...

Have I mentioned that I'm a Saints fan? In 2004, when I was engaged to Daddy Fuss, I came to the sinking realization that my dislike for football was not enough to dissuade my future husband from liking/watching it religiously. In order to get me interested, he began including me in the family tradition of "picks" each week (we go through the games and choose who we think will win the games, I know there is a better word for this, but that's what we call it) and I chose my picks by the color of the jersey or the city the team came from and one of my first favorite teams was the Saints. I love New Orleans and Cajun food, etc. So despite the fact that they really were not a good team, (they've been known to be called the Ain'ts) I faithfully picked them to win each week.

And this year, when they've been a great team. I've been looking for some Saints gear for the last couple of years, but it's impossible to find around here and in order to get it online, you have to pay an arm and a leg (and despite the fact that I follow them, I'm still not enough of a sports fan to really spend the big bucks, you know?) but when they won the NFC Championship and were going to the SuperBowl, I was very excited to find something appropriate to wear to our SuperBowl party. We ended up making a t-shirt (black t-shirt with a gold glitter fleur di lis) and unfortunately, the hat that was purchased for me is, unfortunately stuck just outside New Orleans with a broken-down car that is taking forever to get fixed. (My husband's cousin-in-law is from the New Orleans area and while she was home a couple weeks ago, she picked one up for me. And then, on her way out of town, her car broke down and she's been stuck there for a several extra days.)

But anyhow, I am very happy to have my Saints as the Super Bowl Champs!

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