Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Single Parenting (temporarily)

Found out this week that my husband has to go away on a business trip for a week (5 days) next week. Am NOT looking forward to this. I depend on him for so much - my physical and emotional support, to distract the Fuss at the end of the day and help get her up and dressed in the morning. She adores her daddy, so it's going to be really hard when he doesn't come home every night.

My mom always offers to "help" when he has to go out of town, but with her schedule, she doesn't often act as very much help. The last time he had to go out of town, she didn't get to my house with dinner until 7:30 and Fuss has an 8:00 bedtime, so she really wasn't all that helpful except to keep me company for a couple hours before bed.

I think I'm going to skip cooking and do all take-out next week. I've been thinking about it today and I think I can do it on a budget since I only have to feed one and a half people dinners. I'll get some breakfast and lunch and snack foods at the grocery, of course, but I'm thinking Asian take-out and pizza, etc. Fuss will eat it, I won't have to cook and at least there is a silver lining to his being gone.

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