Tuesday, February 9, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. Fill in the blank. Sometimes I wish my life was more __________.

2. How do you cure the hiccups?
Curl up and bury my head and concentrate on slowing my breathing. I have to do all of that for it to work - if I lay down, but don't cover my face, it doesn't work, if I cover my face, but don't have my body curled up, it doesn't work.

3. What are three of your favorite indulgences?
Caffeine, chocolate and french fries

4. Where is the most exotic place you would like to travel to? The most mundane?
Most exotic: Italy, most mundane: Oregon

5. Does having your time planned out stress you or relax you?
Usually, it relaxes me, but if it's a short time with lots to do, it stresses me out

6. What are your favourite fabrics to wear?
Silk, tencel, microfiber - I'm very tactile and I love soft, silky fabrics that are rich

7. Do you sleep through the night?
Not since getting pregnant the first time. I have to get up and pee every night without fail.

8. When you were younger, what did you think you would be doing at this age? How close is that to what you are doing?
When I was little, I always thought I'd be a teacher along with a wife and mother by the time I was nearly 30. The wife and mother thing, sure, but I'm pretty far from being a teacher.

9. What has surprised you most about growing up?
How hard it is. How having freedom means have so much responsibility that you don't really have freedom and that that can be really hard and frustrating. I think I thought being an adult was going to be be freeing - that I could do what I want and live my life doing exactly what I chose.

10. Are you good at keeping secrets?
No. I can, when I need to, but I love to talk about new and exciting things in my life, and in the lives of my friends, so I wouldn't say I'm good at it.

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