Friday, February 5, 2010

7 Quick Takes: More Random

1. My husband is going out of town for the week starting Monday and I am freaking out.

2. We're going on a date tonight for the first time since New Year's. I am more than ready.

3. I have been dealing with a headache more often than not for 2 days. I am very over it. I will have to call my OB on Monday if this continues. They told me not to take anything but Tylenol until 12 weeks, but this is not going to work very well if it continues.

4. My daughter is growing up so fast. At the end of this month, she will officially be 2 and I cannot seem to fathom how fast it is all going. She was snuggling with me last night when she was having trouble going to sleep and I noticed how LONG she has gotten - with her head on my shoulder, her body hung down to my hips and then her little legs just kept going... where did my tiny baby (was she ever tiny at nearly 9 lbs?) go?

5. In some ways, I know this complaint is ridiculous, because my husband is working hard and I can't expect him to be able to drop everything every single time I'm lonely and want to shoot the breeze. But lately, he has been so unreachable when he is at work lately! He doesn't respond to my texts, he doesn't answer my calls as often and when he does, he is always in a hurry. He used to be better about taking my calls, responding to my texts and I really miss it.

6. Fuss has gotten obsessed with the Veggie Tales. Now, there are way more annoying kids shows to be obsessed with, (so I am grateful it's not Barney!) but I only have a couple of videos and I now have them completely memorized! I am going to need to get some more videos!

7. I am looking forward to the the Super Bowl on Sunday and watching my Saints kick some Colt tail!

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