Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things on Thursday

I have so many little things to write about today, that I'm bummed it's not Friday and time for 7 Quick Takes. :) So you get bullet points instead.

  • Last night I had a bit of a melt down when in the course of 2 hours I discovered my husband was going to be more than an hour late coming home (and I would have to make dinner without the benefit of a Fuss-distraction), Fuss dumped 1/3 of a box of Splenda all over my (fairly new) living room rug, she then proceeded to feed the dogs handfuls of their food and join them in the snack, I broke a glass while cleaning dishes. I caught myself having irrational, hormonally driven thoughts about how my husband never helps around here (not true) and how there was no way I was going to be able to handle 2 kids at the same time and I would have to give the baby up for adoption or something. (Also not going to happen). I know it's crazy and I even sort of caught myself in these thoughts and was able to say "That's crazy talk!" but it was sort of freaky nonetheless.
  • We've gotten back into this temper-tantrum phase and I'm afraid it's no longer just her not knowing how to handle something, but that's she's 2. The Terrible Twos. Someone please help me get through this.
  • I successfully tricked her into napping in the big girl bed yesterday when she fell asleep in the car and I simply transferred her to the bed instead of the crib. She slept long and hard and mommy was very happy with the result.
  • I had the "quick shopping trip" from Hades today when I ran in to our local Publix to pick up 3 things: Cream cheese, so my husband can enjoy my Gramma's home made date nut bread that she brought him yesterday, Splenda, to replace the box that was emptied in the living room last night, and beer so I can make the Beer Bread mix I just got from my SIL's PartyLite party last month. (I also picked up the ravioli mentioned below). The parking lot was as packed as I've ever seen it, short of the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas and I had an incredibly crotchety old woman check out person. She barked at me that she had to see some ID (I was buying beer, but seriously? I'm nearly 30. And right now, I really look it) and then when she took too long to hit the button to process my transaction and I started to walk away distractedly with my 2-year-old hanging on me like a monkey and fussing, she barked at me again and gave me a lecture about how I have to wait until the transaction has been approved. I think someone might want to get a job that doesn't involve people.
  • My kid loves Chef Boyardee Mini Raviolis. This should be no surprise to anyone who knew me in elementary school (I could have lived off such things at the time) but the fact that she willing ate something with meat in it and then asked for more was astounding to me today.
  • Despite the fact that it's early for her to nap, she asked to go to bed shortly after lunch. At first she said, "cib, cib" so, not in the mood for a fight and since she asked so nicely, I put her in her crib, sang her her lullaby (a derivative of You Are My Sunshine") and left. Several minutes later I heard her begin crying. "Mommy! Bed! Mommy! Bed!" When I went into check on her, she asked to sleep in the Big Girl Bed. She pulled the extra pillow up and asked me to lay down with her, which I did, and she fell asleep rather quickly. I quietly extricated myself from the bed (we put up guard rails, so it's not as easy as it could be) and she is happily snoring clutching her Maddie the Monkey and snuggled up to my old Boppy pillow which she has adopted in the bed. Whatever it takes, right?
So that's my last 18 hours or so. At least the highlights. Sometimes motherhood is a wild roller coaster in the dark and you have no idea which way it's going to turn next.

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