Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I don't know what I was going to blog about today exactly... the update on how we're slowly getting over our colds, a story about the 70-minute fight I had yesterday about sleeping in the Big Girl Bed, maybe. But a couple of friends linked to this story LaylaGrace on FB today and it changed my mind. If you don't want to look or have time to check it out, I will sumerize it for you. Layla Grace is a little girl. She is dying of cancerous tumors and it looks like she will be gone in less than 6 months. I don't know how old she is, as this is the first time I've really looked at her story, but she is young - quite young. She is in pain and suffering and her mother wants to do nothing but hold her, and yet it hurts Layla to be held all the time, so her mother has to let her be by herself. But her mother takes every day as a gift. And I am humbled by her attitude.

Every moment is precious with my daughter. I know that after losing out on moments with my Angel baby, but this was an even more poignant reminder. Every time she gives me a smile, a hug, a giggle. Every time I need to roll my eyes at her sill antics and every time I am exasperated with her attitude or behavior. But I'll take it. I'll take my happy, healthy, curious, silly, healthy, beautiful little girl - I'll take every moment. And I'll be blessed by them.

Every moment of this pregnancy is precious. The aches and pains and tiredness of it are hard, but I usually look past them to the end result. After losing out a few months ago, I thought my perspective had changed, but this reminds me. This reminds me that every single moment is precious.

I love my daughter dearly. Every moment with her is filled with wonder and light and silliness. I am so glad that I was reminded of that today.

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