Wednesday, February 24, 2010

She's swelling, I'm whining.

Yesterday, I took Fuss to the Dr to check out the spots on her body. I had established (with the help of Dr. Google) that it wasn't chicken pox, but my mom had me scared that it was something really bad (measles?) and the Pharmacist at our local drug store suggested Fifths Disease (again, Dr. Google and I discovered that the main and most prominent symptom for that is the bright red cheeks, which she didn't have) and the pediatrician established that they are hives, not some sort of other rash and has jumped on the assumption that it is an allergic reaction to the amoxicillan she was on for her ear infection. (she admits, though that since it happened after the last dose, it doesn't follow the logical pattern and my mother is objecting to the diagnosis and it's stressing me out!)
She put her on a regular dose of Benedryl, and the implication I got was that it would work reasonably fast, but that I'd see the hives worsen again as it wore off every 6 hours. Unfortunately, that was not the case. It didn't seem to have any effect on her whatsoever.
Yesterday evening I noticed that her main joints (knees, wrists, ankles) were swelling, were bright pink and were hot to the touch. I ended up calling the after-hours service at the pediatricians office and we came very close to taking her to the ER. They were really only worried about if her breathing was labored or wheezing (it wasn't) and if her face was swelling (it also wasn't) and said to continue with what I was doing - that the Benedryl could sometimes take 24 hours of regular doing to have effect(!) and I should watch her. Later in the evening, I noticed she was having more trouble walking - the swelling in her feet and knees had gotten that bad. But she fell asleep on my lap shortly thereafter, so we didn't end up taking her to the ER, even though I was tempted to do so. (My mother was getting on me, too. She seemed to want to take her to the ER and usually, my mom is my go-to when it comes to medical stuff - she's a nurse. But I felt like she was just disregarding everything the pediatric people were telling me because she didn't agree and ultimately, we decided to simply go with the pediatric nurses advice.)
She slept okay through the night. We had to get her up at 10 to give her the next dose of medicine, but she went right back to sleep. She stirred a few times during the night, but quieted quickly.
She got up this morning and the swelling had gone way down, though the red spots on her wrists were still horrible and were starting to look bruised. I took her back to the pediatrician around 8 this morning. It was nearly 11 when we left. They made us stick around for a urinalysis and the poor kid wouldn't pee. When she finally did, it came back normal. (Natch! All that trouble for nothing) The Dr. put her on prednisone (which makes me nervous) and we're continuing Benedryl.

My husband was at work all morning and kept leaving his cell at his desk so was unable to answer it. I'm really feeling like no one is being supportive right now, I'm so tired and grouchy myself (my own head is aching and throbbing at this point) and I'm stressed out. Tomorrow is Fuss's 2nd birthday and here she is sick, spotted and my house is a disaster because my plans for cleaning it up have been pushed to the side while dealing with my clingy child. My mom and step-dad are supposed to come over for dinner tomorrow and I have no idea when I'm going to get this place in order.

She's still swollen all over, but not as bad. She's cranky, but I would be if I was swollen, too.
I'm whining, too. We're a sad pair, Fuss and I.

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  1. What a tough few days!! K has been prescribed prednisone to clear up am allergic reaction before. The stuff works wonders. So I know you are nervous about it, but if it works as well on Fuss as it did on K you will be glad you used it.
    I'm sorry you feel so alone in this battle at the moment. Daddy Fuss will be I'm touch soon I'm sure. I think you are doing all the right things here. As for the cleaning? See if Daddy Fuss can help or even do it all for you when he gets home. You are pg and dealing with a stressful situation- it really takes a toll on you.
    Take care of yourself too!