Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Time changes everything

My sister is in town (sort of - a 1-hour drive or so) this week with the kids and so we met today for lunch and play time. I am baffled at how big her kids have gotten. When they left for Sweden 7 years ago, her oldest Corbin, was 2.5. Luke was only a few months old. And neither Mia not Rebecca were even a gleam in their parents' eyes. My sister was not quite 30 years old. So much time has passed - Corbin is 9.5 now. Little Rebecca will be 2 in October. I keep forgetting that my sister isn't 30 anymore (as a matter of fact, that would be my age - well, in 11 months) - time seems to have stopped.

She once said it was very hard to return after so much time - that she knew people's lives would go on, but she found that in many cases her old friends' lives went on and now there is no room for her in their lives. I've noticed that in my own life - how the friendships that were once so important in the past, have fizzled and faded.

Anyhow, to add to the walk down memory lane, we visited our alma mater. I've been there a few times over the last 10 years since my SIL works there and my other SIL played there for a few years after I graduated and then also coached there for a few years. Things have changed so much. The once huge playground with interesting and unusual jungle gyms and equiptment is now about 50 square feet with 6 swings, 2 slides, a 1 jungle gym. Many, many things have changed on campus. New buildings, new landscaping and the number of faculty and staff remaining from our days are few and far between.

Time changes all things, I guess.

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