Sunday, September 13, 2009

Don't know why I'm appologizing...

I'm sorry if you visited recently and got locked out. Somehow, Blogger thought my blog was a Spam Blog and locked it up until i requested a review to prove otherwise. I know I ramble a lot, but Spam Blogs are defined as blogs that have lots of gibberish and what not (usually just random characters - Loren Ipsum and the like) and so there was no Philosopher Jagger for a few days.

But! Obviously, I have been reviewed and found to be okay and so now, here I am back again. I just wish they could tell me what flagged it as Spam so I would know to avoid it in the future. Ah well.

So I'll be back for more later - The Fuss is sick (has a fever) so we tried to go to church this AM, but had to leave part of the way through. She is sick enough to not go hang out with the Walkers in her Sunday School class, but not sick enough that she doesn't want to move around for an hour while Pastor B teaches. I'm afraid Daddy Fuss spent a lot of time walking around with her, instead of sitting in class.

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