Saturday, September 26, 2009


Sometimes I think of the thousands of SAH Moms of generations past and wonder how on earth they did it.... Sometimes it's so tiring and isolating and at least I have my friends inside the computer....
But sometimes I wonder if maybe I'm doing something wrong. Do I have the wrong attitude? Should I spend more time on the floor playing blocks with her? Do I not love her enough? Why is naptime the highlight of my day? Has every mom throughout time wondered these things, or am I alone? Why on earth do I think I can handle another kid?

But then, there are times, like last night when she was sound in her bed (at least until 11) when I just wanted to hold her so bad, it ached... I knew that I do love her "enough" - when I'm apart from her for even a few hours, I miss her. (not that those few hours aren't looked forward to like a kid waiting for Christmas, mind you)

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  1. Ditto! It's tough with two, but when they get a bit older and start interacting more...totally makes your heart melt! :)