Thursday, September 24, 2009

Charting a course - or not.

The first time I was trying to get pregnant and discovered charting, I was ecstatic. A way to know what was going on in my cycle every day? How awesome is that? I was faithful to my temperature taking and rarely missed a day, and then, only in extreme circumstances.

But this time around? That's another story.

I am struggling to remember to take my temperature every day. It has something to do with not waking up at the same time every day - I work 3 days a week, so i get up early those days and sleep in the others. My night schedule is different, too. I used to go to bed at 10:00 every night and sleep until waking time. Now that I have a toddler, that changes. (Like last night when I was up until almost midnight dealing with her middle-of-the-night clingyness.) I am just not doing so hot this month. Add to the daily schedule things the health problems I've had over the last couple weeks and I'm just all messed up in the charting.

I don't know how I feel about it. Part of me wants to just "let it happen" now that I know I'm ovulating. But part of me thinks I'll stress more if I don't know what's happening. I wish I was one of those extra fertile types who gets pregnant when her husband looks at her cross-eyed. :)

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  1. I did the same as you. TTC Gracie I never missed a day of temping...I recommend getting a 20 pack of OPK's that way you can test every day and not worry as much about your temp.