Thursday, October 1, 2009

Food & Wine

This weekend, Daddy Fuss and I will leave the Fuss with his mom and will head to Orlando to the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival. We have been looking forward to this for months. I am about 6 DPO (will be 8 the day we are at the festival) so I likely will not be drinking the wine while we are there. I am slightly bummed about this since the last time we were at this festival, I was 4.5 months PG and I couldn't drink then, either. However, the food is fabulous, so I will at least enjoy myself plenty. :)

Today has been a trying day - I switched work days so I could go to MOPs tomorrow, and then we had to do some errands at Target. The Fuss got whiney and fussy at the end of the Target trip and dumped half a cup of juice on her lap. Then, when I went to get her out of the cart (which she had been trying to get out of for 20 minutes) she had a fit because her pants were soaking wet and she was uncomfortable.

I'm cranky. I've accomplished a lot (my kitchen is sprkling right now - everything but the floor, which would have been mopped if she hadn't woken early from her nap), but I am cranky. Maybe I should have gotten on the treadmill instead of cleaning the kitchen, but the kitchen gives the impression of usefulness so it won out today.

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