Friday, October 9, 2009


So, over the summer I attended the wedding of my oldest friend. (I mentioned this in July sometime and am too lazy to link to it). Around that time our mutual old friend (Cherry and I met in Kindergarten, we met Liz in 1st grade) asked about my weekend schedule for the upcoming months since she wanted to have us over now that Cherry was living in-state. Liz lives across the state near Orlando, so it's a couple hours over there, not exactly a "let's meet for dinner" sort of jaunt. I told her my already booked weekends and didn't think much about it for awhile.

A few weeks ago I got an evite from her. To a product party. The headline said something about a "Booty Parlor" and since friend-Liz is kind quirky I figured it was some type of make-up or something of the like when I clicked on it.

Not so. Booty Parlor. Like se.x t.oys. To explain my reaction, I will first laugh and then tell you about the conversation I had with my mom about it. I told her I was going to such a thing and then said, "which of my high school friends - out of all of them - would you LEAST expect to invite me to such a thing?" my mom didn't even hesitate when she answered "Liz." In high school Liz was the most straight-laced one of us all. She never had a boyfriend until her freshman year of college (she married him, btw, and he's very nice), she could have been described as "prude" if you were to say something like that around Liz.

There was a website attached to the evite. So Daddy Fuss and I checked it out. It ranges from massage oils and whatnot to lingerie to what I would describe as "racy toys." Always up for a good time (okay, maybe not. But Daddy Fuss likes to spice things up once in awhile with a game or two, so...), even if I'm a lit tle weirded out by the concept, I checked the invitee list, assured myself that she didn't invite my SIL (who she is friends with, but who would be completely appalled at the thought. And also she isn't married, so she would have no use for such things. And yes, I'm very confident about that), noted that Cherry had already accepted (honestly, if no one had accepted yet, I would have assumed Liz's email had been hacked or something) and accepted my invitation. Why not?

I'm nervous, though. There are at least 2 strangers coming and 2 more "old acquaintences." I have no idea what to expect from this, but it should be an interesting time. I promise, if it's not horrible, I will review it here next week.

Wish me luck. At the very least, I'm gonna get 4 hours in the car with a speech pathologist to find out what I need to do to get Fuss to talk more. Ha ha!

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