Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We spent the day at EPCOT (part of Walt Disney World, for those who don't know the FL parks) this weekend, as I've mentioned. There was the special event of the Food & Wine Festival, which is more geared towards adults anyway, but there were tons of kids. Which is fine, of course. They weren't drinking the wine, so if they wanted to enjoy the food, more power to them. I get the really tiny ones (though I have issues with parents bringing brand newborns to places such as that - all those germs! All those people!) like the babies (pre-walking age) and even some of the toddlers are there just as extensions of their parents.

Anyhow, what I found both adorable and amazing were the number of young girls (I'd average their ages to be approximately 8 yrs old) who were dressed head to tow in Princess garb. The large quantities of tulle and netting in the Florida heat - I'm amazed. I saw a bunch of Cinderellas, Belles, a Sleeping Beauty or 2, at least 1 Jasmine, an Ariel, 2 Tinkerbells and several Minnie Mouse(s). At Downtown Disney (the shopping area, not part of one of the parks) they had Princess salons. Your little girl can get her hair done, complete with glittery hairspray.

I spent a lot of time at Disney World as a kid. In elementary school, we'd go at least once per year and my high school choir sang for the Christmas Candelight Processional every year (so we'd spend half a day in the park + we'd get a free ticket to come back again). I never would have considered wearing something that is as uncomfortable as those dresses looked.

Sometimes I wonder what parents are thinking.

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