Friday, October 16, 2009

One Nap

We've been fighting the one-nap days for awhile now. I've mentioned it several times in the past 6 months, doing the "here we go!" posts, only to have it fall apart days later and go back to 2 (blessed) naps. With the work schedule I keep, it guaranteed I had one nap while at home per day and I could get something done around the house (or not). What has come to fruition, is that the one nap per day falls just as I'm getting off work on work days, so I sometimes have time to run an errand (a quick one, please) or get her fed lunch (if I haven't already done so at work) before she goes down for a nap. Gone are the days of going to the mall for a few hours immediately after work, though.

It's still not perfect. She still gets so cranky in the AM that I wonder if she needs a nap. Some days, like today, I even attempt it (take off shoes, provide paci, lay her in playpen, turn off light) to try and see if that is what she really wants (no. It wasn't. She played quietly for 10 minutes with the toys she was able to reach and then called me until I came to get her)

On days when I don't have to work, though, it's helpful. I can get a LOT more done in the mornings, I can spend more time running errands and being out of the house instead of that 2-3 hour window I used to have in the middle of the day. And since it seems like there will be a lot more of those non-work days in the future, I guess that's a good thing. It's not so bad to now have a schedule where the non-work days are easier than the work days. I can handle that, I think.

And I know we'll get into a better rhythm. She likes schedules, always has. She goes through a cranky period whenever something messes with her schedule, so I'm assuming she will get past it when she is used to this new one.


I have an end date for work: November 30th. Nothing has been put in writing yet, but that's what he said today, and that, at least, makes more sense than October 31st. We will have time to put together the delivery route, notify customers of our closing and get things ready for our new phase. I've already been mentally writing the letters to be spent out and posted on the door. "After 21 years, we will be closing the doors on this location..."


We have a Sleep Number bed. I love it. Really. It's wonderful. But every once in awhile, we have a nighttime incident involving one of our roaming dogs where they step on on the remote and the motor starts up at 3am (like last night) and it scares the whoozits out of me. Took me an hour to go back to sleep! Definitely don't like that part. And you'd think it would be hard for them to get to the remote, but somehow they manage. Very strange. Last night, my dog was on it long enough, that when I got him off it, I had to then let air OUT of the bed to make it more comfortable. Goofy dog.

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