Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It's been a very busy few days. Friday, I had MOPs and then had to do the grocery shopping on the timer of Fuss's nap being over due. (What a challenge! She also hadn't had lunch yet!) Saturday we did our Disney thing and spent the night in Orlando and when we returned on Sunday in the early afternoon, Fuss was completely off her schedule, hadn't slept well all weekend long and alternated between being cranky, being mad at me for leaving her, and being very clingy.

I have all sorts of randm thoughts on our Disney experience. I plan to come back to those in the next day or so. But today I want to introduce you to my dear husband's new blog. During the month of September, he competed in an office "Biggest Loser" contest and did very well. In the end he was 18 lbs lighter and $100 richer for his efforts. He is planning to continue his healthy living and wants to blog about his experiences and what he is learning about it. His first post went up today, so if you are interested, check out his journey on Weight Loss Odyssey! It would certainly encourage him to have some followers/readers. :) Now that we are through with the Food & Wine festival, I plan on examining my own eating habits and working on a little weightloss of my own.

So that is what you can look forward to here at Philosopher Jagger!

In the meantime, I have a few random tidbits for you...
We are searching for the perfect Halloween costume for the Fuss. I began my search on ebay and found a couple of cute costumes for little girls. The one Daddy Fuss and I agreed on the quickest was Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz an dwe have been searching for a costume that isn't going to cost us a ton of money. We've been to the local stores and they are costing a pretty penny to get the mediocre costumes brand new, and that's if I can even find them in her size. (This happened last year, too - plenty of tiny, non-mobile baby costumes and plenty of toddler costumes, but none for my reasonably mobile 9-month-old. This year I can find an assortment of baby costumes, and a bunch in 3T and larger, but my just barely 2T-sized kid is out of luck!) so we are back to searching on ebay. I am also considering Minnie Mouse (saw some adorable little girls in Minnie costumes at Disney) or Tinkerbell or a ballerina. These are all costumes I hope she will someday want to wear, but who knows what she is going to like as she gets older and exerts more of her own opinions? I was a girlie girl, but I don't know that she will be. She has a lot of her aunts in her, too!

What are your kids going to be for Halloween? Do you take them trick-or-treating? Why or why not? I'd love to hear input from all sides of the arguement.

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