Thursday, October 8, 2009

If I wasn't a mostly stay-at-home-mom, I'd be...

Maggie wrote a post on what she would be doing if she weren't a SAHM over at MightyMaggie and asked the question what would *you* do if you weren't a SAHM. Her answers were great - funny and thought out and a great list of her own dream jobs. Mine won't be so great, as I haven't ever figured out what I wanted to be when I grow up, but here you go, for your own enjoyment (and mine - well, mostly mine):

1. A Graphic Designer for an Advertising Agency. I do actually have a degree in such a field, though my skills are woefully lacking at this time. I haven't opened up any of my programs in MONTHS and I haven't done anything but a little photo editing in years. But I enjoyed it when I was in school and it's what drew me to work for an ad agency to begin with (my pre-baby job was an Office Manager for such).

2. An Event Planner, specifically, A Wedding Coordinator. I loved planning my own wedding. Were it not for my mother's interference it would have been one of the most enjoyable times of my life up until that point. I've worked behind the scenes of about 15 weddings and I love it. I've even got kind of an original idea for said business, but I'm much too doubtful of my own abilities and I have no idea how to begin.

3. High School Choir Director. In high school, everyone thought I was going to major in music when I got to college. I can't play the piano and don't have enough desire to learn (5 years of lessons and I can pick out my part, but that's about it) and so it seemed foolish to me to pursue that as a career. I also didn't want to try and make a living as a performer, though I love to sing and used to be pretty good at it. But one of my friends is now teaching at our alma mater's arch nemisis and she's directing musicals every year and I miss it so much, I volunteered to help her out this year.

4. Bookstore Owner. I would love to have a small bookstore, filled with eclectic selections and host book clubs and maybe have a small cafe and host some local artists, etc. Think adult (not X-rated, but not exclusively kids) version of Shoppe Around the Corner from You've Got Mail. Or, if you happen to have read the Nora Roberts 3 Sisters Trilogy, like Mia's shop, without the witchcraft and magic. It's sad that most small shops can't make it nowadays with all the big discount stores (Borders, B&N) beating them in selection and the discount retailers (Target, Wal-mart, even beating them in prices. But it's a nice dream.

5. Bed & Breakfast owner. My mom and grandma and I used to have a dream of returning to the mountain we vacationed on every summer and converting one of the huge old beautiful houses into a B&B. We stayed in several on other vacations and there was one in Williamsburg, VA that I would have lived at forever if I could have. I'm a decent cook, not amazing, but I'd try and there would always be a variety of things available.

As with Maggie, there are a lot more random things I'd have fun doing that are completely unrealistic (I'd love to be an actress - broadway or otherwise, a novelist, a TV writer, a lawyer) but these are the ones I've thought most about.

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